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joleeBio-Supamodel Joelee is a Hip Hop/Dancehall Reggae recording artist. My colorful lyrics, and my savvy flow and delivery are my trademark.

My range, fierceness and versatility help me bring across in my music sounds that no artists have ever been able to fully master. I am able to fuse two of the most dynamic cultures, and I do it well.

“I’m bringing hip hop back to its roots, which is dancehall reggae”. Being from Kingston, Jamaica and base in New York City, I am able to draw the best influences from both genres.

I realized I had an unwavering love for the sound of music and instruments at a very young age. I remember going to church with my grandmother and listening to her sing, and being fascinated by the sound of the tambourine. “I think my big voice comes from my grandmother’s influences. She had one of the loudest singing voice I have ever heard.”

By my teen years, I began writing poems that turned into songs. I carried a hardcover book and pen where ever I went, and would blurt out singing to whomever would listen. I also entered several local talent shows. “Growing up, there was so much turmoil in my life, and music was my saving grace (safe haven). I didn’t have a television, so I kept myself entertained with writing and singing”.

I was faced with many adversities on the journey to my music career, but I was not deterred. I knew I was destined for great things. In my late teen, I started a career in modeling while simultaneously pursuing a music career.

“Being on stage for the first time at a fashion runway show, I was electrified… finally somewhere I belong”. At that moment I realized that I loved being on stage, and fell head over heels with entertaining people.

My music career turned professional in 2008 when I signed with music label DAGCK. DAGCK saw my potential as an artist with worldwide marketable attributes. Living in Jamaica, my immediate influence in sound was Dancehall Reggae.

Therefore, before my music would first be introduced to markets outside of Jamaica, I knew I needed a fresh new sound that compliments my Supamodel image.

That led to me fusing Hip Hop with Dancehall Reggae. I first showcased my complimentary rap/dancehall reggae style and flow with the release of “Model Chic” in 2012. “Model Chic” was well received by DJs, radio stations, and music listeners; most of whom often described Supamodel Joelee as being “different and unique”.

In 2013, a Model Chic promotional tour was launched across the southern and northeastern United States. During 2014, I spent most of my time writing, recording and honing my craft. In summer 2015, I released my latest single “PFAT” produced by DAGCK and DJ D Live. “PFAT” is sexy, yet powerful, and allows women to feel good about themselves while “twerking” out in the clubs or at home.

“PFAT” has been generating a buzz on social media, and an official video directed by Mills Miller has been released. “PFAT” official music video is sexy and captivating, and is sure to leave you in euphoric awe. I am currently in the studio working on several singles to be released in fall 2015 and spring 2016.

These releases are a step closer to my ultimate goal of releasing my mixtape or EP. “I do music for everyone! No matter where you’re from you should be able to rock-out to one of my songs. I am coming with fire so be prepare”.