London ( Fabrizio Costantini) Si terra’ 16 febbraio, allʼANZ Stadium di Sydney, il “Fire Fight Australia”, che Brian May ha definito il “Live Aid austrialiano”. Sara’ probabilemente il concerto dell’anno 2020. Grandi ospiti tra cui i Queen e Alice Cooper . Nove ore di concerti, presentati da Celeste Barber, per raccogliere denaro che verrà inviato ad alcune associazioni […]

Londra, Maria Vittoria Bognetti   After a two-year pause, the Glastonbury Festival came back, ending yesterday, after having surprised its many fans over the last 5 days. The largest greenfield music festival, representing the template for every Good music festival, welcomes leading artists from all over the world to perform.  The first artist in the […]

Last from London – Sanremo (Rosita Dagh) – Mahmood is the winner of Festival di Sanremo 2019, with his song ‘Soldi’. The 26 years old was shocked and surprised on stage yesterday, when Claudio Baglioni, conductor and artistic director of the Festival, announced the verdict. The Italian-Egyptian rapper conquered the hearts of adults and young […]

London (Grazia Losole) – The international known musical returns to London. The Coliseum theatre will host 4 evening performances and 3 matinee performances starting from January 23rd to 27th. The musical is based on Victor’s Hugo’s French novel Notre-Dame de Paris and tells the story of the hunchbacked Quasimodo and his painful love for the […]

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