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Londra ( francesca mazzola) –  The glitteriest and most eclectic Italian artist is coming back and
won’t stop giving you goose bumps.

His new album Oh, Vita! (oh, yes better than caffeine) translated from Italian as “oh,life,” already sold 120.000 copies in Italy and that’s the immediate result of the great combination between Lorenzo
Cherubini aka Jovanotti and Rick Rubin, producer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beastie Boys and everything you can hear at London One Radio.

(credito: Michele Lugaresi)

(credito: Michele Lugaresi)

Let’s be clear, the tour started just ten days ago and his 40 dates tour is sold out. Lorenzo Live Tour 2018 will be the most glamorous event you can be part of: Wembley SSE Arena will see the only Italian artist capable of fulfilling this goal. The June 25 th venue will open its gates to the audience: 13 chandeliers will illuminate everyone to “let the dance begin,” between a sumptuous Gattopardo atmosphere and the Don Quixote’s imaginary.

Jovanotti said : “I have always been fascinated by the character created by Cervantes, he’s one of the fundamental myths of our history. After reading a new Don Quixote translation I found out that he’d be my age nowadays, he’s about 50 years old.

(credito: Michele Lugaresi) (credito: Michele Lugaresi)

This “futile reason” forced me to stand up making me think about him as the spirit guide of the show, a sort of subtext.” The surprise has not been revealed yet.

The incredible visuals of Manuel Fior, one of the greatest Italian Comics artist, will open the venue depicting the dynamic adventures of Jovanotti/ Don Quixote character.

The 3 minutes video is only a presentation of the theatrical piece directed by Corrado D’Elia but voiced by the most famous Latin singer Miguel Bose’. As featured by The New York Times, Jovanotti’s “magnetism, and the energy of his live performance, could help win over American audiences,” and for this reason we do think he will be able to do so for British audiences. The concert will be a 30 hits playlist with some of the most

“tribal” rhythms of his career:
– L’ombelico del mondo,
– Ciao mamma
– Sbam!
– Fame
– L’estate addosso
– Safari

– Tutto l’amore che ho
– Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang
– Mi fido di te
– Sbagliato
– Baciami ancora
– Chiaro di luna
– Viva la libertà

A never ending dance from evening till morning like a Keith Haring
Tickets and info here :

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