“Last Christmas” is the new Christmas single of the choir “Le Verdi Note” dell’Antoniano di Bologna

Written by on 23rd December 2018

The launch on 24 december during the TV show “L’attesa”, Rai1
On December 24th, Le Verdi Note dell’Antoniano will launch the new Christmas Single
“Last Christmas”, specially arranged in a new version, during the TV show “L’attesa”, on
air at 16:40, Rai1 (first Italian tv channel).

The TV show will be a special occasion to celebrate the Christmas season together with
Veronica Maya and Paolo Belli, waiting for the Christmas Day.

“Le Verdi Note” will perform with the stage direction of Fabiola Ricci. The song, one of
the most famous in the world of Christmas tradition, originally written by George
Michael and played by the “Wham!” in 1984, will go live on all the digital stores in the
next few days.

“Le Verdi Note” (“the green notes”) is a choir founded within Antoniano, in Bologna, Italy, in
1989 thanks to Mariele Ventre to give the children of the “Piccolo Coro Mariele Ventre
dell’Antoniano” (little choir Mariele Ventre of Antoniano) the chance to keep on singing.

The choir director is Stefano Nanni while Fabiola Ricci is engaged as vocal coach and stage director.

The artistic direction and the project management are in charge to Alessio Zini and Sara Casali, authors and producers of pop music for youngs and former students of Mariele
“Antoniano” is one of the major producers of children’s music in the world, with millions of discs sold, and is actively involved in many solidarity and charity events throughout Italy and all over the world.

The most famous tv show produced by Antoniano, since when all started in 1961, is “Zecchino d’Oro”, the Italian children contest, recognized as the “Sanremo Festival” of the children.

“Le Verdi Note” has their own discography and since 1989 participates in Antoniano tv shows,
such as “Zecchino d’Oro”, “Festa della Mamma”, “Lo Zecchino di Natale”, generally on Raiuno
(RAI), the first TV channel of the Country.

In its long experience, the choir have worked with important artists, such as Biagio Antonacci,
Nomadi, Cristina D’Avena, Massimo Ranieri, Heather Parisi and many others.

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