Light Sounds an alternative-rock band formed in early 2007 by Giuseppe D’Angelo & Giovanni Pulente

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Light Sounds began their first live gigs in the local province of Naples as a cover band.

In November of 2008 they began composing and arranging own songs characterized by various influences and genres, starting from the classic song writing Italian to internationals ounds.

They are keen to thank Luca Coppola, for his contribute in sound engineering. He is wellknown for having collaborated with (with E. Bennato, M. Zurzolo and D. Sepe, 24Grana amongothers, and Almamegretta, 99 Posse). Also, Light Sounds thank Tommaso Allocca, as he recorded the E.P. at Big Stone Studio and Musa Muta Lab in Naples.

Mastering work was monitoring and realized by M°Franco Cleopatra.

Asha is E.P.’stitle, a Persian term related to Zoroastrianism. It means Truth.

The termis cited in the famous book “Prometheus Unbound”, by Percy Bysshe Shelley first published in 1820.

Asha is an E.P. of 4 tracks ranging from pop / rock to alternative:

– The first track, as well as the leading piece of the E.P., is the melancholic “Vivo e muoio”. The sound is in brit-rock style, a romantic ballad.

– The second one is the heterogeneous song “Future”, sung entirely in English that flows into a choral refrain.

-“Questa Vita”, with a growing musical dynamics, both melodic and atmospheric where you can listen alternative influences.

-“Père Lachaise”closes the E.P. It’s a fusion of different genres and musical styles, all contained in a unique and suggestive atmosphere, recalled by the Cemetery of the Artists of Paris, which inspired Giovanni during his trip to the French capital.


A videoclip has been produced for Père Lachaise. The heart of the video production is reminding the famous cemetery of Paris where are buried famous iconic artist of literature, poetry, art and music as: Fryderyk Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and many others.

It is not then a case that Light sounds used different cultures and languages during their compositions. In fact, the songs are written in Italian, English and French.

Principal prizes and rewards:

– 3rd Prize at Carlsberg Live Contest (2011)
– The videoclip of the song “Future” receive a certificate at “Plural + Youth Video Festival” of New York and moreover was shown during the congress “Italia 2050 : il futuro remoto del nostro paese” organised by “Italian Institute for the Future” at Città della Scienza. (Napoli – 2013)
– “Disco Martini Award” at Mia Martini Festival (Napoli – 2016)
– #38 on iTunes Charts – Top 200 Releases Italy Alternative Chart  (2017)
– Finalist at II Video Festival del Mare – Civitavecchia (Roma – 2017)

E.P. Asha released in 6th February 2013 thanks to “Nuova Santelli Music” an italian record label.

They realised three videoclips. The videomakers were : Enzo Morzillo for “Future” and Sebastiano Covone for “Vivo e Muoio” and “Père Lachaise”. You can find them on Youtube.

They used to perform in festivals, events, live shows, contests educational-cultural initiatives and many gigs in the area of Naples.

For their debut E.P., Light Sounds created loveable songs that are still building up strong relations with their fan base.

Light Sounds want tothank social networks and web radio which gave them a chance to be promoted!

E.P. Asha is available for purchase!

Ifyou’reinterested in a physical copy, pleasecontact Light Sounds!

You can find E.P. also on any digital stores such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer or Google Play.




Giuseppe D’Angelo – Voice and guitar.
Giovanni Pulente – Piano &Synth.
Mario Terracciano – Drums.

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