LondonONE-ACADEMY (Radio Conduction)

LondonONEradio radio courses is a great opportunity to learn how to make radio and become a spreeker. You will understand the radio-based techniques, how create a play music list, radio Marketing. How create a jingle, a show, how make a radio interview. journalism courses for radio, and a certificate will be issued at the end the course.

The courses are open to everyone, schools, and individuals,

but the program are different .

For Schools we have a type of program suitable,  for individuals or for experts already we have other program  here is an example below

One day we can to Visit to the BBC 


Duration 3 or 6 Months – 3 time a week
Available start dates
  • May 2018 (speciale courses for school)
  • June 2018 (speciale courses for school)
  • July 2018 (speciale courses for school)
  • September 2018 (speciale courses for school)
  • October 2018
  • January 2019
  • April 2019
  • July 2019
  • October 2019
Contact Please contact us for details. or –
  • Module 1:Introduction to Radio Broadcasting
    Module 2:Radio Production
    Module 3:Radio Spreeker

  • TERM 2
    Module 4: Radio show + How create a jingle, and show
    Module 5: radio interview + News Bullettin
    Module 6:Future Trends of Radio

(first course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry on buskers )

Aricle: Londoners about italian music and the voice of London’s buskers

podcast show

video about inquiry on buskers LondonONE academy production

(Second course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses -inquiry on italian food in London)

Video inquiry on italian food in London Londonone academy video production

(third course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry  influences )

article :   Being a social follower today: do you know what and who influences you?

podcast radio show

Video inquiry on  influences  Londonone academy video production

(fourth course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry   italian literature in London)

 Article :  Alighieri, Calvino, Eco, Ferrante: quanto e cosa sanno i londinesi della letteratura italiana?

podcast radio show

Video inquiry on  italian literature in London Londonone academy video production

(fifth course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry London to be the world’s leading smart city )

Article :  London, the upcoming world’s smart city according to Sadiq Khan


podcast radio show

(Sixth course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry Is Internet taking our free time off?)

article :Is Internet taking our free time off?

(Seventh course of LondonONE ACCADEMY courses- inquiry Le nostalgie degli italiani a Londra, Brexit e approfondimenti news dal mondo)



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