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London – Radio City is the world free admission radio festival that will take in Milan from 1st to 3rd June 2018. Born in 2015 by an idea of Filippo Solibello, it will host national and international radios – both web, DAB and FM – which are going to broadcast their shows live. At the Festival, several DJs, journalists, VIP guests as well as members of the public can join it, in order to make them discover the world of radio broadcasting.

Consequently, whoever has always been interested in exploring such area, or whoever has been curious to meet their favourite radio speakers, Radio City is the answers to their dreams.
On the other hand, the Festival’s key aim is mainly to unite radios from different countries, in order to make them feel part of a big family.

The radios hosted this year are in total 200. In this way, national, international and local issuers will broadcast their shows in temporary studios providing all the equipment useful for broadcasting.

However, a striking purpose of the event is also learning from each other by discovering the new era of radio: the web. For this reason, as every year, talks with experts as well as radio speakers will be featured throughout the Festival.

“The world of the network is the one that gave the input for the resumption of the radio. It is from the web radio, from those new and original realities has started the run-up that will take us into the future” said Filippo Solibello – also author and speaker of Caterpillar AM (Radio2 morning show) – who is taking part at the Festival.

Amongst the radios that from Friday will share rooms and microphones we find: Radio1, Radio2, Radio3, Radio Capital, RDS, Radio Deejay, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio 24, RadioItaliaAnni60, RadioInBlu, Radio Fiume Ticino, Discoradio, HR2 (Croazia), Latvjas Radio (Lettonia), Radio San Marino, Radio Musica, Radio Beckwith, Radio Number One, Radio Lombardia, Radio Popolare, Radio Panda, Radiogiornale Sicilia e Share Radio, and LondonONEradio.

Also Punk for Business promotes the event, whose director is Filippo Solibello in collaboration with Claudia Ceroni, Daniele De Luca and the head of ‘Punk for Business’ press office, Antonella Marautti.
Radio City will be again an opportunity to be full immersed into the broadcasting atmosphere by understanding its deveolopments as well as its weaknesses that have to be improved in order to deliver reliable information and good entertainment.

LondonONEradio will be present like the only and official italian radio in London and in UK



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