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Ernesto Gandini and I have been to the radio world since 1984. I have been loving radio since I was a child. I often used to listen to the the shows aired from national broadcasting radio stations. There are many songs I like and to me it would be very diffcult to choose one from. […]

32 years experience in TV and Radio  –  media consultant British Broadcasting  to LondonONEradio

Jalisse is an Italian musical duo consisting of Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci, who have been performing together for 24 years, and are still active ( from 1994). Alessandra is a popular star in TV music and variety shows like Gran Premio, Luna di Miele and Bellezze al Bagno, and sings with top bands. Fabio had his first […]

Host London one jazz Saturday

ROSITA PIRULLI speaker and conductor of the young music talents show in LondonONEradio – Every Friday we interview musicians, singers about their current and future projects and, of course, broadcasting their music! link []

LondonONEradio webmaster and developement Founder & CEO of INOUX.COM

Max Martinelli our DJ of Exclusive dance chart the great section of dance

Lorenzo Tamburini is a great expert on cimema Italian and international “We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep” William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”

Supermarket, the virtual supermarket in your radio. Quality music, in tune with the hits of the moment, evergreen and bizarre news from the world. All seasoned by the hilarity of the conductor, Daniele Dal Muto, who will be able to accompany you inside the program, satisfying your every request. Small space also dedicated to emerging […]

The Tree Burlone and the Wise Alien in the fantastic world Wawawiwowa aired here on LondonONEradio! Normally they call me Alessandro Gardenato but when I enter the crazy world of Wawawiwowa, in front of the microphone and with the headphones, I become the radio magician Alesgar. For years I have been working as a speaker and presenter […]

Gianni Cianci –   expert radio speaker makes the show on LondonOneradio GO MUSIC compilation and history of the music

Claudio Salvi – our speaker about italian music and history of song

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