Easydragons Charity

Easy Dragons (www.easydragons.com) was founded in 2013 as a dragon boat team of Stanton Williams Architects di London.

We participate to competitions with a dragon (a boat of the ancient Chinese tradition), with 20 rowers in pairs: in front, at the bow of the boat is a drummer facing the rowers, a helmsman stands at the stern at the back of the boat.

We are not professional athletes and we come from different countries, sometimes in a boat there are more than 16 different nationalities.

From 2013 we have participated to various competitions: in Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, managing to take home some medals. We participated to the Great River Race, to the ‘Armada Cup’ and every year at the Venice Vogalonga, a rowing competition on the long, 30 km away.

We established in 2014 Easy Dragons Charity with the aim to raise funds to support MAES Therapy (www.maestherapy.com) participating in sports competitions and organizing events such as Wine Tasting and concerts and more.

MAES Therapy is a medical association that specializes in treating children with motor skills difficulties and coordination caused by a variety of conditions generally placed under the term cerebral palsy, which can be acquired before or after birth.
The objective pursued by MAES Therapy is to help children with movement disorders related to neurological development to reach their full potential by providing a high quality specialist physical therapy.
The funds we collect are used to help already qualified physiotherapists to specialize further, through a 4-week course, in order to spread as much as possible the knowledge of this technique and thus be able to help more children.
In 2015 we were able to fund a 4 week course for 3 physiotherapists in Budapest that will give start to a regular MAES Therapy course in Hungary.
Please help us by making a donation to improve the daily lives of many of these children and their families.
Thanks for your support.

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