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LondonONEradio official Italian and Londoners radio in London. Uder the auspices of the Italian Consulate in London.

From 2014 the official Web Radio for the Italian community in London that promote emerging music talent giving them a chance to be heard.
It all starts on 27th September 2014 with the first live recording and with a big emotion.
We choose Guglielmo Marconi voice for the first web podcast to honour this big Italian Scientist that with one signal allows connecting all the world before internet coming.
Our radio is spontaneous, professional and passionate.
After 210 transmissions, more than 20 live recording in events and concerts, 190 hours of live recordings, 895 promoted young artists all over the world, 310 Label owners which contacted us, we have more incentive motivation to growing-up happy and glad for our 28.000 total listener we had till now!

2 LondononeradioWHY LondonONEradio?
To create a radio connection between the Italian in London and the Italian all over the world. And to give a chance to all Italians living in London to be heard, after the historicals radios: Radio Londra and Radio Spectrum.

LondonONEradio FOCUS
Research programmes
Musical promotion
Promote new companies in London

3 LondononeradioWHAT WE ARE DOING
1. Music promotion
Band, emerging singers, label owners, can contact us from Italy or worldwide. We will promote the music and we will pubblish histories and biographies on our web-site
2. Events promotion
Musical, cultural, gigs events for the Italian community and not only.
3. Educate by sharing informations
Thematic columns about useful and interesting themes for the community.
4. Promoting activities
If you have an activity you can promote it on our radio by interviewings, jingles, to let it know to the Italian Community in London

4 LondononeradioOUR PROJECT
Our main purpose is to create a radio communication bridge between the communities’ Italian worldwide.
Through music, immigrant stories, news, analysis.
Grow professionally share our experience.

We would like, with the help of all to become a reference point for the music of young talents from around the world.

Raise awareness of the Italian culture in the world, intensifying communication with the music and the passion for it.

Concerts, promotions, music, are the goals of our future …. how? Together with you