London One Radio, the only italian radio in London, is a firm sustainer of the petition to render the italain lyric opera heritage of UNESCO, called “Il Belcanto e L’Opera lirica patrimonio Unesco” along with RTL, an italian radio.
The petition was originally created by On. Avv. Pecoraro Scanio, a former italian minister who also created a petition to make the profession of “pizzaiuolo” heritage of humanity. NOW YOU CAN  Contribute to this cause to prove the importance of italian lyric tradition, signing the petition for FREE via this link:
Let’s not forget that the lyric genre was created in Italy, and the pentagram along with all the keys were also invented by italian musicians.
This means that everyone in the world who uses a pentagram, is playing by the “italian rules”. Also in lyric operas all the terms are italian, therefore it is only right to recognize the italian influence on this gender.
Londonone radio sky
Londonone radio sky